Free Fire Hack – Get Unlimited Free Fire Diamond Guide

how to hack free fire diamonds using free fire hack guide provided by happy cheats

Hey, Free fire players. Use our free fire hack guide to generate unlimited diamonds and gold coins.

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Hi i max and welcome to In this free fire guide, i will guide you through the process of getting

diamonds and coins in free fire without spending any money. So get ready to take lots of notes because

I’m about to give you a lot of tips in this free fire hack guide.

Garena Free Fire

i love playing mobile battle royale games and garena free fire is one of my favorite games ever since it was first released in December 2017 for android and ios. There are tons of battle royal survival games for mobile devices but free fire stands out from the other competitors because of it’s popularity, smooth and exciting gameplay.

Garena free fire is very similar to another very popular adventure game PUBG. Free fire Proved itself by being compatible with every type of low specifications device. Yes, you can play free fire in android and ios both And you do not need any high specifications graphics or extra ram android and ios device to play this adventurous game. That’s how free fire reached 500+ million downloads around the world. Free fire has the best graphics and player can play free fire game with better controls.

Now a lot of gamers joining Garena free fire every day in the whole world. Free fire is a third-person battle royale game. Players can either play solo or play with your friends as squad mode online. Anyone around the world can play Garena free fire with an internet connection. When players first play the free fire, they have to wait for the other players to come up in the match.

When all players gathered they will enter in-plane with parachute. The plane will fly over the free fire open world. Players can choose where they want to land. Once players landed real game starts immediately.

Now Let’s move to fun part where you will learn how to survive in free fire and later in this guide i will show you how to get free diamonds using our newly developed free fire hack generator.

Free Fire Tips And Tricks

  • Always jump from plane a little far from the other players. It will give you the advantage to stay safe in the start of the game. You don’t want your player to get killed instantly by other players.
  • Start running away from cities and other combat places. Other players might landed there so they can attack you. The whole concept of free fire is to be the last person to survive when all other players are dead.
  • You need to start looking for weapons immediately. Collect many weapons as you can. Best weapons are always in the game store. For that, you have to buy using free fire diamond at the beginning of the game.
  • Stay focused while playing and now after having some weapons you need armor and medical kits. When other player hit you with bullet these are two things will save you until the end.
  • keep an eye on other player’s movements. Move around 360 and start learning how to aim at the enemy when they appear in front of you. You should be able to shoot other players even when you running.
  • Use minimap when another player will get close to you. You will see a red arrow in the map. The minimap will show your enemy movements. There is also a safe zone. Always stay in a safe zone. Safe zone will shrink when few players will left alive.
  • When airdrops are dropped don’t go there to collect weapons and armor right away. Wait there might be other players waiting for you to hit with their sniper or Ak47 bullets.
  • Now you mastered the playing techniques using our free fire tips and tricks. Now Let me show you how to hack free fire right away.

Free Fire Hack

You might already die-hard fan of free fire. But every time you play you lose even you are following our free fire tips.

Every other player might playing free fire with special advanced weapons & special skilled characters and awsome stylish skins for weapons. Because there are a lot of things to consider if you want to improve your free fire gameplay experience and be the last person to win the match.

We all know Garena free fire has its store where they have lots of special highly innovative tech weapons, robots pet, fox and pandas pet and to customize weapons you can buy unique styled skins using free fire diamonds. Well, who doesn’t want to customize their characters when it comes to creating your special skilled player in garena free fire. The store has a number of unique skilled characters like ford sea tough guy, alok world-famous dj, antonio gangster.

You can buy these characters using free fire diamonds and gold coins. And there is much more to explore inside Garena free fire store when comes to character and weapons style customization as well it improves your playing skill dramatically. To get each item from the store you either need free fire diamonds or gold.

Garena free fire even has weekly and monthly subscriptions. Where they will reward you with daily diamonds. but those diamonds are not enough compared to the items they have in store. You can top up diamonds in free fire. Both free fire subscriptions and free fire diamond top-up cost you money. Not all players want to spend their money. Imagine if you can get unlimited free fire diamonds then you would be able to buy all those weapons, characters and skins in the store. Well since you are here congratulations you are in the right place on the internet.

Let me give you the best solution for free fire hack in the next paragraph where i cover everything about how to get free fire diamond without spending any money.

Free Fire Diamonds And Gold Coins | Hack Unlimited Everything

Just like every day i was playing garena free fire. This thought just came up in my mind . is free fire can be hacked and can we get unlimited diamonds and coins?. After hours of discussion with my friends who also a big fan of garena free fire. We figured out a way to generate unlimited free fire diamonds and the way to hack free fire using our generator.

Follow the video tutorial to get unlimited free fire diamond.

Yes, we can have all of those items in-store for free. Generate free fire diamonds without paying any money. let me walk you through step by step how to use free fire tools that i and all members of developed to help others to hack free fire. So let’s get ready.

  1. Click the free fire generator button on this page.
  2. Simply put your username and select your device. This generator works for both devices. Select if you using android or ios.
  3. Select the amount of gold you want to generate in free fire. You can choose up to 800,000 gold to top up in your garena free fire account.
  4. Now, most important free fire diamonds which is the core currency of this game. Choose from 99999 diamonds to 1,000,000 diamonds. That’s amazing.
  5. Last and most important part of this whole tutorial. You have to verify it correctly. I can not stress this enough you have to verify your device by completing two surveys or installing apps given by the generator.
  6. The verification process is very simple. If you want to see free fire live hack. Watch the video below. how i generated million of diamonds and gold using this same generator.

Looks like you just found what you been searching for. This tool works like magic every time i used and still using this tool today. Just follow each step in the tutorial that i just showed you above.

We update free fire hack tool daily. You can take advantage of this generator today and get your free diamonds in free fire and buy whatever you like in free fire for free.

Benefits Of Having Unlimited Free Fire Diamonds

Having unlimited free fire diamonds can help you to achieve your dream in free fire. Buy almost anything with a large amount of diamonds. Because diamonds are not your problem anymore in free fire. Our generator can take care of that and give you millions of diamonds for free.

Using unlimited free fire diamonds players can buy weapons skins and special items in store.
  • Free weapons and weapons skins. You can choose amazing weapons skins from the legend box and theme box.
  • Free skilled Characters. Yes, all highly skilled professional character for free.
  • Choose any pets for free like spirits fox, robo, shiba, and detective panda.
  • Get any fashion accessories to customize the character look. Get hats, helmet, glasses, masks, shoes and many more.
  • Select any type of bundles in free fire store for your garean free fire player.
  • Tokens, Cards, and vouchers will be free with unlimited diamonds.
  • And one more funny thing in free fire those dance moves you can purchase using diamonds. Coolest moves i like are party dance and moon flip.

Anything you can imagine is possible through our free fire hack tool. All the things above will be free when you can get unlimited diamonds.

Pros and Cons About Garena Free Fire Hack


  • Secure cloud-based sever. No chances of getting banned.
  • 100% safe no harm to your free fire account
  • Completely Anonymous free fire hack to help to protect your privacy.
  • It provides you free gold up to 800,000.
  • Free diamonds top up to 1,000,000.
  • Easy garena free fire hack. It only takes 5 minutes.
  • Completely free no cost or monthly subscription.
  • Working 24/7 and give you instant diamonds top-up.


  • Generator will be available til December 2020. After that it will be gone. So take the opportunity to get free diamonds.

Final Thoughts

Now you got extremely valuable knowledge in this tutorial. Garena free fire is a very addictive game.

Because it’s multiplayer ability anyone in the world from any country can join the game. Finally with the help of our free fire hack guide you can enjoy the game without spending any money.

We can get the full experience of the game with buying store items, characters, weapons and skins using free fire diamonds. And it’s so fun playing around and making a character. Overall it’s the best game ever made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we hack free fire?

Yes, hacking free fire is possible. this game is server-side advanced game. Because every system has it’s vulnerabilities that’s how we developed a free fire diamond hack generator to generate millions of diamonds for free.

how to get unlimited diamond and coins in free fire?

Follow the step above i showed you. Click on the generator button it will take you to the generator website.

Will generator work on IOS, Android, And PC?

Yes, generator working on every type of operating system and device. All types of android devices and ios. Perfectly working for desktop PC.

How to verify correctly to get diamonds?

Generator verification is very easy to do. Just install 2-3 apps. If generator showing you some survey offers just complete it by entering any type of your email or any name. it will get verified.

is this generator is safe?

Garena free fire hack generator is 100% safe and never get you banned from game.